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Linda Lubitz Boone
The Lubitz Financial Group
9130 S. Dadeland Blvd., Suite 1625
Miami, FL 33156
(305) 670-4440
Our Mission: We believe that our business should be more than just a money making machine. We encourage learning and development among our employees, provide a service to our clients by giving them the best of our expertise and quick responses to their questions, and provide a service to the community by promoting ethical attitudes and caring deeds. Lastly, we will not do anything to jeopardize our client's financial future or the trust they have placed in us. We Help Clients Build Net Worth: Each client relationship, whether the client is an individual, a small business or a corporation's retirement plan, is unique, typically involving on-going investment management and a regular exchange of new information. Some clients seek only investment management or financial planning recommendations. Individual clients often seek more comprehensive financial planning advice designed to help them enhance their income, growth in the value of their assets or protect them from risk or unnecessary estate or income taxes. Financial Planning/Consulting Services: Clients seeking counsel over a wide range of financial topics receive an initial analysis of their financial situation, including a review of and recommendations about their investments, tax planning, employee benefits, insurance, retirement and estate planning, and planning for anticipated major expenses - like children's college education. Financial planning is a lifetime process, so periodically these analyses are updated to help us be aware of our client's changing circumstance and to help clients keep on track toward achieving their financial goals. Our financial consulting process involves six distinct steps: 1. Gathering financially related information using comprehensive questionnaires; 2. Evaluation and summary of the client's current financial positions and trends; 3. Identification of problems and opportunities in the client's financial picture; 4. Making recommendations, which are appropriate, realistic and timely; 5. Helping clients implement those recommendations in the most cost effective manner; 6. Periodically holding update meetings with clients to discuss changing circumstances and to make any adjustments necessary in the financial recommendations and implementation. Investment Management Services: Most of our clients make use of our investment management services. As an investment advisor registered with the Unites States Securities and Exchange Commission, we make the greatest possible effort to first understand our client's current financial and tax circumstances, their financial goals, their attitudes about risks and rewards, and their need for income and/or capital growth. We then develop an asset allocation model, which is appropriate to their unique situation, and only then do we begin to develop recommendations as to specific investments to buy or sell. To help ensure our recommendations continue to be appropriate, we provide quarterly reviews and updates and meet with our clients as frequently as they desire. Usually the first year, we meet quarterly, thereafter at least semi-annually. Compensation: For planning or financial consulting services (for single meetings to discuss a particular issue or for more involved reviews), clients are billed on an hourly basis. Our current rates are $250 per hour. Or, if more appropriate, we work on a project basis for which we specify a fixed fee prior to beginning our work. Our typical plans include at least 10 hours of client meetings, education and plan preparation. For investment management services, we believe our fee structure eliminates the perception held by some people that investment management can involve conflicts of interest when sales commissions are part of the process. Clients wishing assistance with the investment of their assets can pay a quarterly asset management fee, if the managed assets are at least $500,000. This fee is based on an annualized rate of 1% of the first $1,000,000, .7% of the next $1,000,000 and .5% of the next $1,000,000 and fees are negotiated above that level. There is a $5,000 per year minimum fee. In addition to paying for our investment services, this fee pays for all our time which may be incurred meeting and consulting with clients or providing information to the client's CPA or attorney.
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