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Carolyn P. Taylor
Weatherly Asset Management
832 Camino Del Mar, Suite 4
Del Mar, CA 92104
(800) 967-9354
Weatherly Asset Management (WAM), named after the 1962 America's cup winner, was formed in 1994. Weatherly is a registered investment advisory firm registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. WAM is a firm whose focus is to provide quality investment management services on a fee-only basis to high-net-worth clients comprehensively for all their assets. Our equity management style is mid- to large-cap, and our fixed-income style is intermediate high-quality. For our balanced accounts the equity and fixed income strategies are married together. Our clients rely upon WAM for the ongoing investment management expertise, and our focus on the clients allows us to provide consulting expertise on maximizing their entire assets and earning capabilities. While WAM is not a psychological investment advisor we develop a level of understanding of each client personally and implement the appropriate strategy geared towards leveraging their assets to reach their ultimate desires and future goals. The senior partner Carolyn Person Taylor and the staff are all personally and professionally committed to providing not only investment management but Financial Evaluations, Estate, Retirement, and Insurance Planning.. We also have access to professional Trust Services. This involves augmenting our management approach with our overriding goal of being the active force to simplify the complexities involved in the monetary world of our clients. Through a vast array of professionals we focus on how best to maximize their earnings which may involve option strategies, appropriate trust implementation, personal and philanthropic gifting, and the financing or refinancing of real property. Present and future tax planning plays a critical role and WAM is continually reevaluating the financial situation of our clients. Weatherly Asset management has AIMR compliant composites, and WAM's clients receive a diversified portfolio of assets targeted at their long-term financial goals. While credentials and capabilities are paramount, honesty and trust plays an integral role in the success of relationships we grow with our clients. We continue to add personnel and make capital expenditures so that our investment advisory capabilities remain on the forefront and the highest level of expertise that we as financial professionals would expect of ourselves..
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